What’s Your Muskoka?

Your Muskoka Is:

Tranquil Escape

Your Muskoka is a dreamy hideaway from the hectic pace of city life. You’re definitely the “path less travelled” type, seeking out the best kept secrets across the region. Muskoka’s changing seasons offer a wealth of opportunity for quiet retreaters like yourself, from pristine nature parks, such as nearby Algonquin Park, Arrowhead and the Limberlost Forest, to the circuit of quaint farmer’s markets held across the region in the summertime.

Look beyond the big lakes, the bustling towns, the speed boats and the palatial estates and you’ll find a quieter side to Muskoka that’s perfect for those looking for a tranquil escape. Hundreds of smaller lakes dot the landscape, connected by rivers and waterways that are a perfect setting for the good things in life: a good book, a dockside yoga session, a quiet paddle or an evening fish. And when you’re ready to venture from home base, the area’s museums, galleries and artist studios are a great day trip.

For your dream Muskoka property, consider smaller lakes or rivers, with room for gardens and lawn games. Or think about a forested property away from the water that can be more private with larger lots perfect for nature trails. You may also be into one of Muskoka’s best hidden gems: island properties. These remote havens are the whole package when it comes to the perfect Muskoka escape, offering privacy, solitude, sweeping lake views and the most dramatic sunsets.

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