We built our dream home in a special community here in Burlington, Ontario called Roseland. But as things go in life, dreams can change and those dreams changed for us. We were confronted with the challenge of having to let go of a home that we had been so intimately involved with through every phase of its construction. We had poured our hearts and souls into this home.

When the decision came for us to sell, I sat down with Megan and Shelley and realized very quickly in that first meeting that here was a team that had all of the essential elements necessary to sell our home. Megan’s demeanor exuded a genuine poise and professionalism that is extremely rare to find in people in any business, let alone the real estate business. I was incredibly impressed and knew that this was the person that would be able to bring in the best offer we could expect on our home, and that this was the person that I wanted negotiating on our behalf when it came time to deal with any offers.

We also knew that for a house at our price point, it would take a team to generate those offers and be successful. That is where Shelley’s knowledge of the local area, her understanding of the workings of the real estate business, her marketing ideas and her boundless energy were indispensible. I brought my wife, Lynne, to the second meeting I had with Megan and Shelley and needless to say she saw exactly what I had seen from my first meeting with them. We both knew we had found the real estate agents that we could depend on to navigate through an uncertain market and maximize the sale of our home.

Our real estate team didn’t end with Megan and Shelley, but included one more key player – Dawn. Dawn is the team manager and wears so many hats. When it came to making sure all of the extensive marketing materials for our home were being compiled, Dawn was absolutely instrumental in this regard. Dawn will be your point person on such matters and you couldn’t find a more pleasant and competent person to deal with.

And then there is Sotheby’s marketing outreach. I haven’t even touched on that important aspect which Sotheby’s excels in and provides phenomenal service.

So, with Megan leading the McLeod Team and both Shelley and Dawn executing key roles, I am sure you will not obtain better results-oriented service from any other real estate team. And given that we were parting with our dream home, Megan and Shelley handled our sensitive situation with complete empathy.

Please ask Megan for my phone number if you care to discuss my positive experience with the Sotheby’s McLeod Team. I would be more than happy to have that discussion with you.

Tom & Lynne McGuire